Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hi, My Name is Andrea and I'm Addicted to Vista Print

I guess admitting is the first step. I usually go for months without buying anything and then I fall off the wagon and go on a BINGE! It all started this time with making invitations for a retirement party and baby shower and then some personalized items for end of the year thank you's for my room moms. Then it just spiraled out of control. Here's some more classroom creations...

Large Postcards (come in a pack of 50) for the end of the year.

Mousepad - I thought this might be good to use with new iPod Touches I got from Donors Choose. I thought this might help protect them from moving around too much during use.

Small Postcards (come in packs of 100) - Here's the front and back side of my "Welcome Back" cards that I will mail out before the first day of school. I usually writing a personalized message on the back. It's great to start the year on a positive note!

Punch Business Cards (come in packs of 250) - I thought I might use these as an end of the year incentive. They get a "positive punch" when they exhibit good behavior. Each punch is worth 5 cents. The last week they will turn in their card(s), get their "pretend" money and we'll do a class store or auction where they will get to count out and spend their money.  I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone - reinforce positive behavior and practice money skills. They are SOOOOOO excited! We will start these this upcoming week.

Everything I got was free...just paid shipping which is pretty reasonable considering all the things I've bought.  I'm so excited to get my next delivery.  However, I'm going to stop least for a little while. :)

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