Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Back!

Okay, I've been doing a little bit of blog research to help prepare myself as I get going on my own. Wow! There are a lot of witty and creative people out there in the Blog World.  I am truly impressed, inspired, and okay, I'll admit it...a little bit overwhelmed by what I've seen. Nevertheless, I'm ready to get started.  Even if this blog just turns into my own personal diary then I think it will be worthwhile.  So here goes...

I had one of those moments today that truly makes being a teacher one of the most rewarding professions in the world.  One of my students gave me a note today from his mom and it was a two pager.  Now, teachers usually cringe when one of our students gives us a note like this...they rarely contain good news.  I started reading the note just waiting for something to stir up my blood pressure.  The beginning of the note contained a concern that I realized I could easily resolve.  The rest of the note, though, was the shocker.  It was the sweetest, most genuine note that I think I've ever been given.  Her words of kindness and acknowledgement of the kind of teacher I had been for her son were so sweet and genuine.  You always wonder (at least I always do) if you're making a difference in some of these kids' lives and it's wonderful to get confirmation that in some way you have made a difference or impact on a child.  I appreciated that note so much.  It's those small moments that make the biggest impact.

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