Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sitting on Polka Dots

I'm pretty proud of these polka dot bucket seats my husband and I made for my classroom this year.  I had seen the idea on a teacher's website a couple of years ago and had been wanting to make them.  Following her directions, we were going to try to start from scratch and use paint buckets from Lowe's, wood, foam, and fabric.  Well...this project started to get more and more costly and time-consuming as we started to plan it all out.  I couldn't find colored buckets so I was going to have to paint some from Lowe's.  My husband was trying to figure out how he was going to cut the wood and foam to fit the top of the buckets in order to make a sturdy and comfortable seat.  Needless to say we are not exactly "do-it-yourselves" kind of people and this project was looking less and less desirable.  Then, I stumbled upon some bucket seats at Bass Pro.  They had this ugly hunter's fabric on them but I found this polka dot fabric to cover it and make it cute.  The only hitch was getting the fabric part of the seat off so we could use our staple gun to attach my fabric.  My husband saved the day,though, and worked his "muscle magic".  The whole project ended up costing about $33 for the buckets and fabric and was much less time-consuming than starting from scratch.  They make great little seats at my Writing Station and even provide extra storage which I can definitely use. :)

I saw this cute idea for a polka dot computer chair on My Life's Little Pieces.  She just used some spray paint, fabric, and staple gun to transform an old, ugly chair into something cute and fun. Love it!!!  We have an old and ugly (but comfortable) computer chair my husband wouldn't let me get rid of when we got our new chair.  Maybe we can work our magic and transform it into something as cute as her chair.  We'll see...

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